Kelly is Crafty

Kelly has a very creative mind and she is always creating something fun, so I have started keeping track, and taking pictures to document her craftiness.

KellyShawl (12K) This is called a drop stitch pattern that kelly used to make this beautiful shawl. Click on the picture to see a close up.

ChristmasCard05Web Kelly is quite accomplished in her drawing. She doodles all the time. To the left is here acclaimed 2005 Christmas Card, and to the right is one of her doodles that she scanned and sent me back when we were dating. I added the color in photo shop. sitting-in-jeans-colorWeb (14K)

PinkBag (9K)
Kelly made this cute bag for her niece for Christmas.
This is a hat Kelly made for her sister in law Nancee.
HatNancy (12K)

HatRuthie (4K)
Kelly and I made this hat together as a Christmas present for my sister Ruthie. I did the band and the part of the top, Kelly did the fancy bit and the very top.
This is a big cozy pair of sock kelly made for either her Dad or her brother she made two pair almost the same.
SocksBig (15K)

SweatersWebSM (12K)
These are some christmas ornaments Kelly made for her moms Birthday.
Rather'n just put punkins on the porch like regler-folk, Kelly wanted to get this here bail a straw for um ta set own nextda the dowa.
PorchPumpkinsSM (22K)

ChknPieWeb (20K)
Kelly cooks all kind of wonderful things. This was a Chicken Pot Pie she made one night that looked so good I had to snap a shot.
Kelly knit this pair of socks for me! They are supper comfy!
socksWEB (10K)

KellyCatHatWeb (15K)
Kelly made this hat as a bartering chip to trade to a friend for a haircut.
This is a bag Kelly made for a friend that was moving away. They were my jeans.