Christmas 05

Tree (18K)

We had a Splendid Christmas Morning

This is some cool Yarn I gave Kelly. She had had her eye on it.

Camelbak (26K)
I finally gave Kelly a Camlebak of her very own.

Kelly gave me a wireless router. I'm uploading this page through the ethernet. Less wiring running around the house is good for everyone, plus now I can sit next to her on the couch and "computertate" as she calls it.

ThreeTrees (17K)
Grandma Benac gave us this cool Christmas book.

Smoooch (6K)
These last five are from Kelly's parents. Kelly Loves the new purse.

SnowShoes (17K)
Kelly's parents also gave her a really nice set of snow shoes. I already have a set so we are good to go now.

Puzzle (15K) Quilts (13K)
This stuff is from Kelly's parents to both of us. The puzzle is in process on or coffee table and is scheduled for completion sometime in 2061. The quilts are a family tradition. They are just the right size for couch use.

My parents gave me this replica of the first printing of the book of Mormon and knowing the kid in me my Mom got me this big remote controlled Jeep. It has some good articulation skills and I've taken it off lots of sweet jumps.

CandleBox (6K) CottageLiving (7K)
My mom got this stuff for Kelly from her list. Pride and Prejudice is a hit! and she just got her first copy of Cottage Living.

Game (14K)
Kelly's bro Harry gave us this fun game.

NancyPak (7K)
My sister Nancy sent us this package that had all this fun stuff in it plus a bunch of candy. The flowery thing is a table runner but we hung it horizontally on our kitchen wall. It matches the theme of our wedding.

DateBox (12K)
This is a clever gift from Kelly's sister Sandi. It has gift cards for everything you need for a dinner and a movie date night.

Fondue (8K)
This is a fondu kit from Kelly's Aunt Sissy.

FrostyMelt (21K)
Always a hit this Target gift card came in a cute card form Kelly's brother David and his wife Nancee.

GeoT (4K) Hella (15K)
This is a geocaching T shirt and some driving lights that Kelly's mom gave me.