This is the front of the house as you are coming down the
lane. You can see the next-door neighbors in there front yard.


The Kitchen.


The living room.


The hall.

If you take a left up the little road before my jeep this is
what you see.

Keep going and you come to my fine little shed. I could use
a bit of work but it rained the last few days and it looks
dry in there. What more could you ask from a shed?

The property goes way back. This was taken kinda standing next
to the shed, looking back. As you can see there is room to
drive back in here. The garden will go in back here somewhere.

This one was taken standing next to the brush pile from the
last pic looking back toward the house.

This is the back of the house.

The Garage.

The workroom. Now I have a place to rebuild my extra tranny.
The washer and drier will go in here as well.

This is the Address
4059A Oakmont Ln
Shingle Springs, CA

That pink line is 1.3 miles. Close to work is good :)